School Chaplaincy Program

Schools Chaplaincy Program

At Dingley PS we have been fortunate to secure government funding for the next four years for a Chaplain (2024-2028). Schools enlist chaplains to support the educational, social, and emotional well-being of students. Collaborating closely with well-being and allied health staff, chaplains offer support to students, staff, families, and the broader school community.


Prior to engaging in chaplaincy services, schools must secure written consent from parents/guardians/carers. Please note that chaplaincy services are voluntary. 


Chaplains will:

  • Collaborate with the school's well-being team to deliver student well-being services.
  • Contribute to enhancing student engagement and connectedness.
  • Foster a safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment.
  • Offer pastoral care and guidance to students.
  • Engage within the school community and with external service providers.

Chaplains may undertake roles such as:

  • Providing support in areas like student attendance, engagement, and mental health.
  • Assisting students during challenging situations, such as grief or personal/emotional struggles, by offering support or making appropriate referrals.
  • Offering pastoral care and ethical guidance to students, referring or sourcing services as needed, potentially involving community resources.
  • Supporting the creation of an environment that promotes students' physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development and well-being.
  • Encouraging cooperation, mutual respect, and an understanding of diversity among students and staff.

Chaplains must not:

  • Exploit their position to promote a particular religious viewpoint.
  • Compromise confidentiality, acknowledging situations where students may seek confidentiality.
  • Allow their personal conduct to interfere with service delivery, even in private capacities.
  • Perform tasks for which they are not qualified.
  • Conduct religious services or ceremonies or lead religious observances.
  • Provide special religious instruction. 


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