Is my child ready to start school?

We regularly receive questions from parents of Prep students asking if we think their child is ready to start school. Academic achievement is not a pre-requisite for school commencement. Social and emotional maturity is a much more important indicator as to whether your child is ready for school. However, we offer a Prep program called Busy BEES which is exclusively available at Dingley Primary School. This is based on a developmental curriculum, which enhances the transition between pre-school and Prep. It is a full-time program available to children who are school age (ie. 5 years of age by April 30). You can read more about this by clicking 'enrol now'.



Do you still teach Literacy and Numeracy?

All students are provided with a comprehensive, structured Maths and English program which ensures that they are able to develop strong numeracy and literacy skills. This includes daily sustained instruction in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation and all strands of Mathematics. Core Curriculum subjects are comprehensively taught using both the inquiry approach and explicit instruction.



How do I organise a school tour?

Tours for prospective families are provided regularly by the Principal Class Team (Andrew Holmes and Rosanne Ridgway).


Please contact the school to access a tour or click here.



How can I best support my child's learning?

Learning is a partnership between the student, parent and the school.

You can help your child by:

  • Maintaining regular contact with the school
  • Sharing books with your child
  • Supporting your child's native language as well as English while reading at home
  • Assisting your child with research
  • Attend information sessions and parent/teacher interviews at school


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