A Message from the Principal

Congratulations on choosing Dingley Primary School for your child's formal education.

Welcome to you and your family as we begin the partnership together to ensure your child has the best learning experiences and development opportunities possible in their Prep - Year 6 years of schooling.  Our school is well positioned to draw on the most current and recognised teaching and learning theories and practices.

As a Department of Education and Training school, we access the best available education resources to enable our teachers to support our students to learn, and to enjoy learning as a lifelong endeavour.Dingley Primary School is contemporary in its approach to educating our students. They learn in an environment that is conducive to preparing them for a rapidly changing world that demands technological capacity and intelligence, heightened interpersonal skills, significant emotional intelligence, resiliency and strong literacy and numeracy skills.

Our students learn in flexible learning spaces and through collaborative structures with other students.Professionalism, instructional capacity and accountability of our teachers are foundational to the education students receive ensuring each child's learning is scaffolded in their learning zone.  Significant resources are applied to ensure our teachers provide quality instruction and evidence-based student outcomes.  Your involvement in your child's learning in partnership with the school, cannot be over-emphasised.

As parents, the school values your support to optimise your child's learning and development. I encourage you to be involved where possible, whether it be through reading at home with and to them, supporting and encouraging your child's independence appropriate to their age or simply being positive about school and learning.

The teachers, staff and I are most keen to enjoy the partnership journey with you to support your child to be a happy, confident and life-long learner.


Andrew Holmes


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