Student Representative Council

The role of the Student Representative Council (SRC) is to facilitate and act upon student voice and choice within Dingley Primary School. The SRC comprises two students per home group from Years 2 to 6. Each student has been elected by their peers to perform the duties of a school leader who actively contributes and participates in the solution of social and environmental issues.


Furthermore, the SRC focuses heavily on helping others, particularly those observed within our school and surrounding community.  The aim of the SRC is to listen to students, respond to feedback and suggestions and form strong teacher student relationships to maximise achievement, engagement and promote an increased sense of civic engagement (Pautsch, 2010).


Therefore the SRC is considered to be a privileged and pivotal role where students represent the school in a variety of forums as well as work collaboratively with staff members to organise and coordinate special events. Through these experiences, SRC students have the opportunity to develop their understanding and abilities in a range of areas across the curriculum.


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