Breakfast Club


A healthy start to the school day

The School Breakfast Clubs Program is a Victorian Government initiative delivered in partnership with Foodbank Victoria.


The Breakfast Club Program at Dingley PS gives students the opportunity to eat a wholesome, nutritious breakfast in a warm and welcoming space before starting their school day. We provide a variety of healthy, Victorian grown or manufactured breakfast foods. These include Vita Brits, milk, baked beans, canned fruit, fruit cups, fresh apples, pears, carrots and wholemeal toast with Vegemite or honey.  Having breakfast has been shown to have a positive impact on factors such as physical and mental health, social skills, concentration, behaviour, attendance and academic outcomes.


Operating Hours

The Dingley PS School Breakfast Club runs each school day from 8:30am - 8:50 am in the foyer of the BER building (at the canteen).   All students are welcome to come anytime.

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