We are very excited to be participating in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) again this year.

All students across Prep to Year Six have been registered and are encouraged to join the Premiers’ Reading Challenge.

How to log in:

  1. Go to the Challenge application at:
  2. Select the Student button.
  3. Select the VPRC login option.
  4. Enter your username and password (provided by teacher).
  5. Select Login

A series of links to help you navigate the challenge site can be accessed on the Department of Education website (including adding books, such as home readers or ebooks) can be accessed at:

It is also recommended that books are entered onto the system throughout the Challenge as they have been completed. The school Coordinator, Sally Irvine, will verify books throughout the Challenge.

To be successful in the challenge, students must complete the following requirements:
• Prep, Years 1 & 2: 30 books in total and 20 or more from the Challenge List.
• Years 3 – 6: 15 books in total and 10 or more from the Challenge list.

Challenge Booklists can be accessed on your ‘dashboard’ and also at:

Please note: The Premiers Reading Challenge is not managed by the school, so if you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please contact the Premiers Reading Challenge support line; Email:

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